White Mauritius are protected by the government and even

White collar
crimes have been a serious matter recently but is nearly an invisible one.
Sociologist Edwin Sutherland defined white collar crimes in 1939 as
“financially motivated nonviolent crime
committed by business and government professionals. In other words, it is a
crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status during his
occupation”. Prior to Professor Sutherland’s definition for white collar
crimes that we use nowadays, there has been several terms which has been used
to describe the same notion. They are:

‘Avocational Crime’ by Geis, 1974

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‘Economic Crime’ by Clinard & Quinney, 1986

‘Organizations Crimes’ by Schrager & Short, 1978

‘Elite Deviance’ by D.R. Simon, 1999

‘Corporate Crimes’ by American Bar Association, 1976

it exists several ways in which this type of crime can be committed. This topic
was chosen, since high profile personalities, politicians, people who owns the
means of production especially in Mauritius are protected by the government and
even the media while they can exploit the citizen of the country as well as the
law. We say that we live in a democracy, where everyone shares equal rights,
whether it is the freedom of speech, freedom of the press even the liberty to
choose what is right and wrong for us but who really makes the laws, who
benefits from it and, most importantly, who breaks the laws? Who commits those
white-collar crimes? There’s also the question of why there is an increase in
the number of white collar crimes in Mauritius in the recent years?  There have been several cases occurred in
Mauritius which is not recorded, nor actions have been taken against such


1.2 Evolution and History of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes have
evolved since its existence. It must be said that press coverage over this
crucial matter has been increasing since years, media has a great impact on
criminal activities. But this matter will be taken into consideration later.
Homo sapiens has seen capitalism rising over years, in particular, the industrial
revolution. The difference is, at that time was, fortunes were made by
“robber barons”. They committed offenses to maximize their gains
which reflex their way of living Sutherland and other theorists had discussed
about. History has shown that people were engaged in such activities,
disrespect the law if they were able to achieve their aims. An example would be
the words of railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt, who when questioned about
the rightness of his actions


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