The learn more about sustainable development. And also help

The beginning of the course I created
code of conduct for myself as an individual or organization’s member for making
sustainability and sustainable business, for present and future life time
period. This is final week and I will summarize all those topic- Sustainable
Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business ethics, Leadership,
Corporate Governance as an individual and organization’s member, what we need
to do for sustainability.

Firstly, I
will summarize about sustainable
development, it is a main worry in this modern age. Sustainable development is
apprehensive with incorporation of environmental, social, and economic facets
of choice making for the growth of our long term benefits for future life
(Dernbach 2003). Sustainable development is a range which deals with the
individuals and organization’s member with a long term outlook for the benefits
of economic, social and environmental structure (Munasinghe 1993). Isaksson
talked about three bottom lines which mentioned the economic, environmental and
social responsibility while philosophy about a sustainable development of the
world economy (Isaksson et al. 2015). When I am individual, I am from
Bangladesh, there are extreme level of population, poverty, decreasing
environmental balance, corruption in economics and political misjudgment. This
country’s people have not any idea about sustainable development and also don’t
know what should do to achieve sustainable development. I have to help them to
learn more about sustainable development. And also help them to find some easy
ways to make positive changes in our society. Other side, as an organization member we know,
organizations have specific goal for making profit or money, they have not much
concerns about sustainable development. Bangladesh and native countries have
many organizations who build their factory in mid area of big or small cities
and the wastage of manufacturing materials poison that are effect in directly
in environment. Manufacturing industries carbon mixed in air and destroy layer
and lights of photosphere that reflects sunshine directly to the human skin and
got some skin cancer. As an organization member I can give direction or share
knowledge to take care of environment and also how to use sustainable
development for organization.

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When I am individual or member of
organization the corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of major part for
myself. When I am individual of society or my own relatives and organization
inside or outside, even relates with organization goal have with CSR. These are
the events which an organization does afar their legal activities. As a
responsible person of organization I need to do something more for the
stakeholders and as same as for the society. It also refers to engage the
stakeholders into the business activity (Sachs, Jeffrey D. 2015). At present,
government, labor standards, anti-corruption organizations execute many laws
and regulation over a company or organization, but there are many lacking for
those activates.  For an organization CSR
can work as an economical advantage. If we see for company, a company may view
CSR as a liability or opportunity. Some companies consider corporate social
responsibility as a profit making tool where they use CSR as way to extend
product line means marketing tool for new products (Friedman, M. 1970). We know
consumers are more educated and knowledgeable these days, they prefer to look
for more information before buying or consuming a product, whether the company
thinks broadly for the society or not. It is also used as to control the
current products market demand in some countries (McWilliams, A., & Siegel,
D. 2001). So, we have many things to do or we have more liability for corporate
social responsibility.


Now I am going to discuss
about business ethics, business ethics in an organizational monotonous
activity, cause is organizational action come from the people who are involve
in that decision making process are on their different levels of management.
Sometimes it becomes expensive for the organization when inefficiencies are
there with the managers inside the organization (Friedman, 1970). That ethics
are going to help the organization to inspiration the performance of the
employees in the organization as employees need to comply with ethics imposed
by the organization (Johnson, 2009). Business ethics are the principles that a
leader follow for business performance. The same ideas that control an
individual’s activities also apply to business. Business ethics circles around
relationships, these relationships exist between businesses and customers on
several social and economic stages. This business ethics helps organization
helps the organization to motivate employees towards work. Therefore, it
defines the connection between an individual and a business, or may relate to
employees, several parts of government, and the public. The demand for ethical
behavior in all facets of local and international business communications and
organizations has encouraged the growth and evolution of business ethics. If we
think, normally each business has only one aim to make their profit from
business activity, but they have code of conduct what they set in the starting
of the business. For that reason, the leader is more important to apply
business ethics in real world. If any leader dose not observe the emotion then
he will not able to get moral swing, that means every leader should always
worry to understand the feeling of every consumer (Johnson 2015). And when any
leader is able to connect the people of society with the business firm then he
can make profits easily for the organization.


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