Regularly, together with the “Biopolitics International Organization” and support

Regularly, I begin my work
with reading news which happens not only to my country, but also all over the
world. Today, when I had read a top rated publication of a local e-news gazette
“On establishing White & Case’s Office in Tashkent”, I got seriously
interested in W&C activity and immediately started finding more information
about it. After visiting the homepage of W&S and examining several
publications, I could not stop myself and kept learning more and more about its
achievements. The reason for this non-stop learning I can hardly explain, but honestly,
it had happened due to my strong inner attraction as I had finally found something
which could be an ideal match for my interests and goals.

As a well-experienced
professional with a broad diplomatic and analytical background, I believe I can
offer expertise that would be of benefit of W&S. With a proven record of developing
and implementing best practices, along with a good knowledge in both domestic
and International Law, I would like to explore the possibility of putting my
skills and experience to work for W&S.

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With a solid
experience in legal and governmental affairs as well as in domestic and
regional legislation, good knowledge of the fundamental subjects in law,
judicial system and rules of Uzbekistan, I can be reasonable investment to the
newly established Office of W&S. 

Besides, with an
MBA background which I gained abroad I had studied hard on WTO issues, and had
earned enough experience in trade-economic affairs. As a matter of fact, last
two years I’ve been directly involved in trade-economic and investments sphere
in energy sector, which in the opinion of my top management, I’ve been running in
an effective way with positive outcome.

I do also have a
good experience in Water Management Resources in Central Asia, and have studied
this area within my student years and career path. As a concrete example, I can
refer You to the Conference in Greece (Athens) on Trans-boundary Water
Management Resources in Central Asia, which was initiated personally by me and
held in 2012 together with the “Biopolitics International Organization” and
support of its President Prof. Agni Arvanitis, whom with we still remain in

Apart from that
which is already mentioned in my attached resume, I am someone who knows how to
set goals and achieve them, and able to manage multiple priorities at the same
time. I feel certain that my strong skills in multilateral areas coupled with
my ability to work in a team will be of immediate value to the W&S.

With a record of success
behind me, I am confident that I will be an asset to you as well and meet your

I would be delighted to
have the chance to have an interview with You for discussing your requirements and
how I might be able to meet them. Please feel free to contact me via email or
by phone listed down. I look forward to hearing from you. 


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