Problem co-workers with respect is a cause for concern

Problem Statement:

How should Landon Care Products effectively
employ the 360-degree feedback system to help high performers such as Alex
Sander realise their potential?

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External Analysis:

PEST-C Analysis:


Landon Care Products provide a lot of autonomy
at work. This was one of the major reasons why Alex joined this firm. There was
no power struggle between the managers in the company. There is no other
political implication in the case.


There is intense competition in the beauty
industry in the United States. Hence, $25 million was allocated to fast track
the launch of ‘Nourish’ in the US market by Avant Garde.

The compensation provided by the company is
fair. Alex doesn’t get motivated by money as much as by the measure of success
on the job.


Alex’s inability to treat co-workers with
respect is a cause for concern in the company. There is also a noticeable flaw
in Alex’s leadership style as reflected in the 360-degree feedback.

Alex is seen as a narcissist among his


We do not see any technological implications in
the case.


It has been mentioned in the case that Alex does
not want to include cultural diversity in the teams. He does not seem to
appreciate the differences arising out of cultural contexts.

It is also mentioned in the feedback that Alex
does not see the value in diversity of attitudes and approaches.


Internal Analysis:

SWOT analysis of Alex Sander:

Ability to work for long hours
Extensive product and market knowledge
Ability to grasp details quickly
Self-learner and multi-tasker
Ability to take initiative

Inability to delegate tasks and trust others
Expects others to work with the same level of
Does not praise team members
Has temper issues

Can be promoted through the ranks very quickly
if people-skills are improved
Can serve as mentor to team members, thereby
raising team performance

May not be able to achieve work-life balance
Consistent high pace of work may lead to burn
out, thereby leading to inefficiency


Factors affecting the problem:

Acquisition of Landon by Avant Garde

Stress of launching a new product

Leadership qualities of Alex

Alex’s personal characteristics

Alex’s work-life balance

360-degree performance review

Relationship management problem

Working management problem

Critical factors:

qualities of Alex

Alex believes the
only way to get things done is by being pushy or commanding. He does not know
how to get the work done through other people and takes decisions without
involving others. He is not a good motivator or an effective leader. To be a
good leader, one must motivate their team to excel instead of doing everything
themselves. His peers respect him but do not see him as a leader.


performance review

performance review has been implemented for the first time at Landon and is
still a learning process for the company. The results cannot be taken seriously
as the process has to be fine-tuned. Most of the feedback given to Alex was
already known by him. The feedback system could be improved by giving him
insights into his behaviour such as blind spots and unknown areas.


management problem

Alex does not take
the feelings of others into consideration while allocating tasks and delegating
work. He does not treat people with respect. For e.g. he embarrassed Garrison,
a 20-year old veteran of the company regarding the output of the work allotted
to her. He is short tempered which is frustrating for other team members.

management problem

Alex shows great
commitment and dedication to his work and expects the same from others. He
allots the work without being considerate of others’ feelings and does not
trust them to perform their routine tasks.




Make a
self-analysis test with a psychologist

Pros: Alex can do a self-analysis test to gain insights about his
blind spots.

Cons: Alex might think this is a waste
of time.

Alex’s talents as a regular team member

Pros: Allot tasks to Alex as a regular
team member and remove him from leadership position. Alex will not be in the
position to delegate tasks and hence, employees will not get frustrated with


Cons: Alex may feel unhappy with this
action and might leave the company.



Pros: Alex will learn how to treat his
co-workers with respect, motivate and delegate work to his team members, how to
understand others’ feelings etc.


Cons: Alex may refuse to take these
workshops as he thinks being pushy and commanding is the way to get things




Alex Sandler is a
highly talented but difficult individual. He works tirelessly to achieve his
goals. He is dedicated and committed to his work but expects others to work in
the same way. He needs an improvement in his soft skills which can be achieved
through soft skills training and leadership workshops. This will not only
improve his people skills and create a positive work environment around him but
also open the door for his promotion to a leadership role. The company’s success
would also be assured in the long run with Alex as a leader.






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