HOW to consider on how our own goals, and


By: Linda A. Hill and Kent Lineback

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    It is true that every organization has a political environment, that is, one where human relationship matter and there is no exception to this. According to one article, office politics, is a strategy that most people play in order to gain advantage, may an it be for their own personal gain or in a form of some kind of support, which could be both beneficial to those individuals involves in office politicking. Although, the term office politics connotes a very negative meaning, still we could deny the fact that in some case or another it could be a good help to one’s organization in gaining a strong networking skills in dealing various stakeholders.


    Office politics is such a messy manner that many act on it, yet not knowingly re-organize. And dealing with it, one should be accustomed in building an ongoing relationship for mutual advantages. In addition, dealing with office politics should be dealt with utmost professionalism and with a positive thinking and manner, such that we should therefore always deals on to focus on the good of the enterprise and the organization where we work, for u to consider on how our own goals, and the goals of the organization are well aligned. Also, keeping disagreements professionally, sharing information, consider on relaying good news about our team members, and most especially above all of these, the ability to focus our relationships on what is the best for us because through all these we could somehow develop a subtle working environment in a more collaborative and combative manner.


    Moreover, dealing with it has some advantages and disadvantages. Some could lose their temper and shout on you to mind your own business, or it can simply motivate you and your group to excel in your work.


    Furthermore, being a public servant working in the government, dealing with different types, character, attitudes, way of thinking and even races of people is way too stressful and is susceptible to office politics and so to speak, we could hardly expunge it in every organizations and we cannot get it over that easily. Although, there is also a good office politics, but still we cannot deny the fact that in the Philippines there are organizations that experiences bad and unpleasant office politics and I too could assert to it, where some sort of individuals will do everything with their power and connections just to accuse you of anything that you did not know or do or complaining against you behind your back of the things and issues that certainly you do not know about in order for their own gains, rather than to make a necessary move to connect and collaborate as to the best of what we have for the betterment of the organization and the society where we advance and progress.


    Hence, in order for us to achieve something, differences should be understood and strengths be the tool in structuring success. In every way, criticism and judgement would always be present. Praises, acceptance, accomplishments should be given credits to motivate colleagues. As such, that selfishness is not essential in this aspect and goodness in oneself is the highlight. Mutual goals and commonness would result to sweet success. People around us are determinants of our success for our triumph is also their triumph, our loss will also be their loss. So, we should always put up some harmonious relationships and not envy.








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