For interested on the study of law. Before that,

For many years, I have been interested in the study of law and how a
fair judicial system is created. I believe that most of the success that we
have today is built on the existence of fair and well-structured judicial
system around the world. Therefore, I hope that I can learn more about the judicial
system and law, and to be part of the backbone of the society.

primary school, I have learned about the government structure of Hong Kong,
from all the different bureaus and departments in Hong Kong. The one that
attracts me the most is the Department of Justice. I was fascinated by how
everything that we have in this society is based on different laws that we
have. However, at that stage I still haven’t truly develop an interest in law.

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knowledge that I received during secondary school further developed this interest.
In Liberal Study lesson, I have learnt about the rule of law and the legal
system of Hong Kong. This widened my knowledge and makes me even more
interested on the study of law.

Before that, my dream was to be a police officer but I have realized
that law-enforcer is the people that make our city safe but what is behind all
this, is a set of well-developed law which grant our law enforcers their power
and assign corresponding punishment to people who commit crime. Upon knowing
this, the idea of being a lawyer arose in my mind.

    Besides learning more about the legal system,
I have also acquired different skills from other subjects which would be useful
for my future study. From Chemistry, I have learned how to divide sophisticated
problems into smaller problems, critically analyze them and tackle the problem
one by one. Law is not an easy subject and I will surely encounter difficulties
in my study and this problem-solving skill that I have can definitely benefit
me. Studying Mathematics teaches me to think out of the box, I have learnt that
there is always more than one way to solve a problem. We don’t always have to
follow a specific way of solving problems as we can and should always explore
different ways of solving problems.

Moreover, from English lesson, I have learned to write passages or essay
well. In daily life, I also have to communicate with the non-Chinese students
at my school, therefore English has become my primary communication language,
my English communication skills is therefore improved a lot.

There are many reasons that I would like to study law, studying law is
not just a random choice. It is the way to have a better career in future. I
believe that studying law can equip myself with better skills so I can easily
adapt to this fast-changing society. Law degree combines theory and practice
where we can learn how to actually put our knowledge in to use. Studying law
also train us to do through research, analyze different matters critically,
synthesis complex ideas and present ideas properly. All these skills will
prepare me for the difficulties that I will face in future years. These
valuable skills are also highly transferable to other industries or sectors
even if I do not choose to be a lawyer.

Being a lawyer is not just about the money. I believe that being a
lawyer gives me the opportunity to help others. Not only I can help people that
pay me, I can also help people that are less privileged. Helping people in need
is always what I wanted to do and being a lawyer can exactly fulfill that wish
of mine. Being a lawyer can also help make a difference in someone’s life or
even make a difference in the society. For a very long time, I always thought that
being a police officer is how I can maintain the society safe and peace and how
I can actually step up for justice. Lawyer maintain peace and justice not by
force but by pen, words and knowledge. Being a lawyer surely have some
sacrifice and I believe that this sacrifice is surely worth doing. I hope that
I can have the opportunity to learn more about the legal system and contribute
to the society after my education.


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