Evaluating (Thite et.al,2015,p.258).The explanation of the understanding of the

Evaluating the impact of HRM on
organizational performance has become one of the priorities of researchers. The
relationship between HRM and organizational performance, in terms of
effectiveness, a move towards a macro approach and focusing on the organization
that contrasts with the focus on the individual. Empirical studies have sought
to assess the impact of a practice such as training, selection, performance
evaluation or compensation, often correlated with productivity and
organizational performance(Thite et.al,2015,p.258).These early studies are
underlying the idea that the effect of the practices is additive.According to
Cania (2016.p.56), HR practices are associated with desirable organizational
results through influence. The process, through which HR practices lead or can
lead to the improvement of the performance is not well understood, so it is
unclear whether HR practices effects. It is also decided on the effect of HR
practices, in the sense that the result does not lie in the practices, but in
the perceptions that individuals have of these practices. It is the perceptions
of individuals that are associated with behavioral reactions and, consequently,
performance organizational structure. Attitudes and behaviors of individuals
contemplate a series of variables, such as processes, team structure, task
interdependence, leadership (Rees & Smith,2017.p.34).

HR practices serve as a message
signaling that individuals use to define the psychological meaning of their
work situation(Guest, 2014,p.67).Thus, the HR practices can be perceived
positively by some employees, but others do not, depending on the degree of
perceived adjustment between these practices and individual values,
personality, goals, and expectations (Thite et.al,2015,p.258).The explanation
of the understanding of the favorability of an HR practice depends on its
perceived instrumentality in helping individuals achieve personal goals or
meeting the personal needs and express a set of personality traits as such as
HR strategy, which may be the most appropriate to improve the performance of a
segment can differ from the motivation strategies that are other
segments(Andreeva & Kianto, 2016,p.47). 

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