Depolarization and fighting continuously mutating pathogens that seem to

Depolarization inside the
smallest of neurons, vital information in the tiniest of proteins in our
DNA, deadly diseases inflicted by a pathogen invisible to naked eye.
When you see how life works among the plethora of organisms in our
biosphere, one thing is evident: sometimes, the smallest things can make
the biggest change. Every mechanism for every system in living bodies,
start with the smallest molecules composed of microscopic signals to
power up a living unit. To see all these in front of your eyes. How
these small systems make up the foundation of the most complex ones that
we know of, is one of the most mesmerizing experiences I look forward
to in the future. To gain the knowledge to understand every strand of
Microbiology and further on be a key to help in the field of Medical
Research that I want to build a career in is an honor and an
opportunity. I look forward to focus on treating and fighting
continuously mutating pathogens that seem to be escaping our realm of
traps – antibiotics. In this time-being, I am actually working on a
research project in school along with two of my classmates as Research
is an official subject in our curriculum. It is entitled “A comparative
study on the different treatments using Psidium guajava as an
antimicrobial agent in wound healing.” As a third -world country, many
rural and provincial areas don’t have access to the expensive commercial
manufactured treatments such as povidone iodine, but as an agricultural
country, guava is widespread and also known for its healing
phytochemicals. This is why we aim to determine the optimal treatment
that Filipinos can use for first-aid. These will be tested for
susceptibility against Staphylococcus aureus and compared using the
Kirby-Bauer diffusion test which ranks treatments through their zones of
inhibitions. The optimal treatment will then be tested if it is
comparable enough to povidone iodine to serve as a competitive
alternative; otherwise, we will move on to finding ways(i.g. compounds,
extractions) to induce with the optimal treatment to make it a
competitive alternative. I may just be a student, but this is proof that
I can start change even as early as now.

Medicine is how I aim to contribute to the Philippines and further on,
to the world. I believe that it is in the lives I can save and preserve
that I can best apply the knowledge that am passionate and driven in. It
is simply on me, on you, on all of us, change makers to give the
opportunity that others deserve. To think that this is a “task” is
assigned to us is wrong, rather, it should be a choice we make by
ourselves. Science is not merely a textbook to memorize, but a tangible
agent that can start change. This is what draws me closer to
Microbiology and Medicine, because together with the innovation of our
mechanics, we can make the world a better place.

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SMTB 2018 was received by much euphoria when I knew
about it. Ever since I was 8, I have always wanted to study college in
Europe and take on the Medicine Program. SMTB is like a sneak-peek of
what awaits as Biology is also the field that I want to pursue after I
graduate high school. When you see an opportunity like this, a school
this grand, skill is not enough; perseverance is also a must. I know
that the SMTB will open my eyes further into real scientific research
that will teach me many things. I look forward to the chance to meet
people with diverse backgrounds because it is in diversity that we
learn. Also, there is much excitement within me to meet the lecturers,
speakers, and mentors for SMTB 2018. The exchange of thoughts and ideas
becomes more interesting because of the different reasons why we choose
Biology. Along with this, I know that our ideas will not stop at
conversations, rather, the SMTB will provide us a medium to apply our
project and research ideas in the laboratory with proper methodology

Bio-sciences labs especially focused on microbiology are what entice me
the most in research facilities. Looking through the microscope makes
me feel like I’m in my habitat. Dissecting and studying the anatomy of
different animal groups, determining their analogous and homologous
structure, seeing the traces of evolution and such. The lab is where all
merges into a single concept when we study life with our own eyes.
Laboratories that deal with organic matter is where the most
ground-breaking phenomena can occur and this is what I expect in SMTB.
This school offers intense lab hours and lectures to students that not
all regular schools can offer to students who are passionate in this
field. This is the school that will enrich what I have yet to be
polished. This school is a medium for all of us who want to be a
catalyst for change.


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