Back Data Science, ML & BI in Coursera, I


Back in those
days when I was four years, I saw my father as a ‘mystical performer’ and those
things that he created as insane virtuoso magics. At a later point in life, I
realised that he is a Computer Engineer who builds something out of nothing. He
further nourished my curiosity and turned it into a passion. I started showing
shades of brilliance as a child when I was awarded the Junior Diploma in Computer Science at just 7 years of age. By the
time I was 8 years old, I had already created my first computer application
using Visual Basic; a feat that surprised as well as impressed both my teachers
and peers. These incidents motivated me to pursue a formal education in Computer

my undergraduate studies, I gained expertise in subjects like Python, R,
Statistics, Mathematics, Data Structure, Data Analytics and Machine Learning. I was awarded ‘Academic Excellence
Award’ by Indus Foundation, USA. I
also won many coding contests. Having completed specialized courses in Data
Science, ML & BI in Coursera, I feel I am well equipped to take up Master’s
at UTD.

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Apart from my regular coursework, I
have worked on practical projects, one of which is about Hypothesis Testing to prove that the University
Towns in the US are affected by Recession. I was enthralled when my professor commended
me for my work. Currently, I am working on my final year project where I am
developing an open-source platform for swarm robotics.

I carried out a research for predicting customer churn which was selected for
final round of #UnitedByHCL Hackathon, Manchester. This research was published in IJSRP. Bolstered by the success, I went on
to intern at IIT-Bombay where I
created an open-source platform for IoT to provide real-time data visualization.
During my another research internship at NMAMIT, I worked on Crop Recommendation
System using Data Analytics & Machine Learning which I later presented at
APOGEE’17 and it was further selected for the hackathon at Manipal University. While
I was selected for student exchange program at Ritsumeikan University, I got insights
of Artificial Intelligence and it contributed to my holistic development.

As the
Chairman of ACM Student Chapter, I established several chapter-level SIGs such
as SIGKDD, SIGAI, etc. and mentored 21 student projects on fields such as Data
Science, Machine Learning, etc. I have formally as well as informally extended
a helping hand to them by conducting workshops and tech talks; aiding them in
their attempts to accomplish the goals of their projects. Under
my leadership I have established Google Developer Club and Mozilla Student Club
which provides students to do real time projects enabling them to work with the
company. I’m also the CEO and Founder of a government-funded start-up ‘AquaCare’
whose objective is to use Data Science & Visualization to adopt
sustainable usage of water resources by estimating the water quantity available
over the period and predicting water scarcity in the upcoming future, for which
a Master’s from UTD will help me in catalysing my goals.



I am
very enthusiastic to pursue my graduation from UTD because of leading-edge
research and multiple hands-on opportunities on the projects. I am keen to
amplify my knowledge by working as a research assistant under Dr. Chris Irwin Davis,
who is sagacity in the field of Artificial Intelligence &
Machine learning and be a part of the research that has a huge social impact. I
strongly believe that the experience gained as a CS graduate at UTD will help
me attain my long-term goal to establish a company and contribute to the
welfare of the society.

Given a
chance to pursue Master’s at UTD, I vow to give a valiant effort and fill in as
an asset to the society. I hope the Admissions Committee recognizes my
goals as the needful. Looking forward to pursue Master’s at UTD with financial
aid so that I can move towards accomplishing my goals.


you for considering my application.


I'm Owen!

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