1.0 in network marketing productivity efficiency and in giving

1.0  Executive

QBE Insurance
New Zealand is an insurance company that has been in the business for 125
years, providing excellent insurance coverage for different establishment here
and in different countries worldwide. From small to medium enterprise to large

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Its wide
range of products underwriting risk of corporate, and accident and health
commercial and professional insurance sectors. 
Ranges from Liability, property, contract works, Marine Motors, Trade.

QBE as of
2016 is now massive in 37 countries with around 14,500 employees.  This is why the use of Information and
Communication Technology has substantial part in making the business smooth
sailing.  Ease of communication and to
deliver great products and services




In general,
from the analysis, this organization uses some technology in their everyday
process.  They have some stable networking
facilities using Land Area Network.  They
also use excellent hardware and software. 
Security is a paramount important in the company.  Basically they use the cloud for most of its
technology needs. 


organization take advantage of the mobile technology as well. They know the
immense effect of this technology in the business.  This technology sky rocketed the productivity
of the company.  The websites are also


organization also practice sustainability in everyday process.  They value the prospective of doing business
with global responsibilities of protecting the environment as well.  This was being shown thru various initiatives
that the company is doing in achieving sustainability approach.


this organization is in the right track in terms of their technology.  They knew technology helps a lot in network
marketing productivity efficiency and in giving top of the line customer
service and experience.




From the
analysis, the organization networking facility is very stable. Local area
network are dependable and has been used thoroughly in everyday process.  Each employees can access dedicated personal
computer, accessible by logging in to any station.


Wi-Fi in New Zealand has been very much
efficient for the company used, although most of the time when connecting
overseas they experience difficulties due to incompetent Wi-Fi connection on
the other end.  This is one of the issues
that the company is facing in terms of communication.  Nevertheless, company Wi-Fi system very much
updated with regards on its band-width and gets only the fastest and the best
that it could ever get from its service provider.



is being exercise thru the organizations networking.  The employees are given a dedicated personal
computer which allows all employee to log in. 
These saves energy so that not all pcs can be open at the same time and
close those which are not in used.   The
organization updates its bandwidth constantly so I can save time and resources.  All these measures contributes to



While the organization has a good networking,
is still recommended for them to use some of the latest technologies.  The use of new technology in networking will
pave way for efficient networking in the office area.

Below are some of networking technologies that
the company can consider using.

of virtualization

Cloud and virtualization has been a focal
point is the convergence of networking and storage. While the big names –
including Dell, IBM, Cisco, EMC and HP – have all been majorly involved, there
has been plenty of activity beyond these incumbents.

tools go modern

Another transitioning technology is the
application delivery controller (ADC). According to CTO of ADC provider
jetNexus, Greg Howett, gone are the days when these appliances were all
hardware devices, designed to be configured and managed by specialist systems

The use of this technology
will surely enhance the current networking facilities of this organization.


the network

The changing shape of the corporate network
has also meant a change in the way it is managed, with performance and
application management becoming increasingly prevalent. Network management is
being re-invented. For instance, Sideband Networks’ XRE/vXRE system for network
performance management correlates live traffic with logged network traffic, giving
a single point of management – regardless of wired/wireless or local area
network (LAN)/wide area network (WAN) characteristics. (Broadhead,
Dec. 2014, para. 7).



From the analysis, around 10% of QBE’s account
manager uses laptops.  The organization
uses these people to engage in processing of clients information, meet clients make and business calls, and promotes
products and services, and are also accountable for perpetuating the reputation
of the services and products they manage. Therefore it is essential for them to
use advanced hardware technologies.


The analysis showed, the
scarcity of laptop limits the mobility of their employees.  Although the computers are high
specifications and frequently upgraded to the best standards, it still
restricts flexibility of their
employees to work on a remote areas.  The
vulnerability of the data and information, motivated in their commitment for
formidable back up hardware.   They
rigorously use back up tapes and off site back up.  Additionally, they took advantage of using
cloud back up.


They deem that data protection is a paramount
important in the company.  With this
regard, they assured the safety and recovery of the company’s data and information
in case of disaster like loss of data, hacking, or man-made catastrophe like
sudden fire or in natural calamity like typhoon or floods.



Some issues regarding hardware are being done
online.  The company initiates an online
process to resolve on any issues to limit travel from one location to another.
These would enormously save their funds. Regulating travel would save gas and
fuel which supports sustainability concept. 
For instance experts from Australia don’t need to travel to New Zealand,
to address the issue.  These reduce for
the travelling cost, accommodation and allowances, which is conducive for the
adherence for sustainability.



The decrease number of laptops used by the
organization is a prevalent reason for the employee’s in-efficiency.  It is highly recommended that they the
organization should provide laptops instead of desktop.  The convenient of working from home and
remote area will provide more progressive and high turn outs for the company.


Determining the most cost-effective
and suitable computer hardware and software, must be powerful enough to meet
the demands of the users. Therefore, computer hardware and software should be expandable
and scalable and must be well planned.


Other hardware should also be
consider of regular upgrades for a better hardware infrastructure.

1. External
Hard Drive

2. Network
Server Solution

3. Wireless

4. Laser-Jet




QBE insurance company it is extensively dependent
on their software.   The company allows
all employee to log in in any station. 
This gives the all workers comfortable communication which is conducive
for proficient collaboration in the company. QBE has share point where data are
stored and can be use by all employees with access.  They also use developmental software for
upgrade.  They intensively use web based
programs for its collaboration not only locally but international as well.


They uses especial software for claims and
undertaking. Moreover, they upgrade windows and security on a regular basis.


Furthermore, some issues that they faced in
the past are bugs were not tested and issues regarding updates and upgrading of





Remote installation is one of the
sustainability approach of the company. 
Moreover they use cloud software as a service which make it efficiently
accelerates the process of software updating and upgrading.  The favorable aspects of using cloud service
is that it contemplates the responsible capitalization of environment, human,
and financial aspect.


Likely, the use of share points make people to
work together efficiently.  It also
manages the work in a proactive way.  It
also builds enthusiasm by adding beneficial capabilities thru sub sequential
iterations. The drive of the company to streamline business process and work
collectively certainly is a sustainability approach.



Now a days we are very much supported by new
technological software development, this helps the organization to be
competitive in the industry. The effectiveness of software technology aid the
organization to run in the fast lane, and 
creates a base for these firms to revamp the customer experience by
giving impressive digital technologies that matter them the most.


Below are some
recommendations for this organization to achieve its goal for better software


1. Embracing a
cloud-based infrastructure

The organization
should adopt a more streamlined workflow. 
Expand innovation that can be managed by hybrid cloud and on premise is
very crucial.  This will ensure convenience
for clients and customer.


2. Automating
business processes where necessary

Automation is the
key to progressing digital environment, and to improve customer service. AS social
media, and other multiple channels, are becoming more prominent it would be
great to give customers interactive and personalized technology from their
insurance agents and brokers.


3. Choosing
programs and systems with customers in mind

Now a days,
customers expect a smooth, brilliant procedure from insurance company. Keeping
customer top of mind in 2017 will be key to a successful digital transition (Murumäe, Nov 7, 2016, para. 10).


5.0  DATA

Prevalently, like any other major
establishment, QBE shifted to using Cloud base or web base software as
well.  They back up their data on a daily
basis on servers and produce soft copies. 
They don’t produce hard copy.


With regards to their data analytics they
increased numbers of staff.  On the other
hand, they don’t outsource data.  Information’s
are stored locally per country. This is due to security reasons. 




Now a days, it’s been usual approach for any
business to use emails, and softcopies of documents instead of printing on paper.  This organization conscientiously follow this
procedure.  They minimize to use paper in
everyday business process.  Data’s are
being stored thru cloud and to the company’s hardware infrastructure.  Consequently, the commitment of the company
to sustainability is demonstrated to this such little ways, but indeed
substantially impacting to attain sustainability.






The organization manages huge volumes of web
data. Technologies should be able to support this in a timely or cost-effective
manner.  Web companies developed their
own solutions. Most of these solutions were oriented toward IT programmers,
rather than business users. The term NoSQL is often associated
with these solutions because they do not use relational database technology.


relational database management systems (RDBMSs) now support a broad range of
different data types and have been enhanced to support growing data volumes.
Many of them also provide a rich set of analytic capabilities that enhance
business intelligence (BI) processing.


RDBMS that can be
optimized to provide good performance in that dimension.

To stretch the
boundaries of RDBMS performance across the many dimensions outlined above,
vendors are enhancing their products in three key areas:

New data structures. Include support
for columnar as well as row-based data stores within the same RDBMS, data
stores structured to suit different varieties of data, and enhanced data
compression techniques.

Hardware exploitation. It is important that RDBMS products
exploit hardware performance improvements such as large hardware clusters,
multicore processors.

DBMS extensions. Technologies
here include in-database analytic functions, an intelligent query optimizer
that understands and can exploit new data structures and hardware exploitation
features provided by the DBMS, and an intelligent workload manager that can
efficiently handle mixed and complex workloads (White,
Colin, July 10, 2013. para,






QBE has a secured room server.  Here they track all security issues.  Local log INS, or remote log in as well they
abide with ICT policies rules and regulations.    It is crucial for the company to strengthen
its security because of the vast information that the company holds and in
addition it could mean relative amount of money in case of security breach.


They audits its technology.  And frequently updates in a regular basis.


In terms of their compliance they do testing
and levels of access.  The company is ISO
certified as to date.



As far as this organization, the security and
compliance is of paramount important. 
However, integrating regulatory compliance programs with day-to-day
security operations is a struggling process which may lead to data breaches and
audit findings and could possibly in cost fines and penalties and mitigation.


Compliance programs has big demands on IT
resources, the organization should search for a more effective, sustainable,
and scalable approach.  


With this regard, below are some of the latest
technology and innovation in security and compliance must be taken in to

Cloud workload
protection platforms

centers runs in different places: Virtual and physical machines, private and
public clouds, and containers.  Cloud
workload protection gives a single management console and way to express
security policy.


Remote Browser

Browser-based attacks
are the leading source of attacks on users. Establishing a remote browser by
isolating end-user internet browsing sessions for enterprise endpoints keeps
malware off an end-user’s system, reducing the surface area for attack and
shifting it to server sessions.


technology can be used to thwart or throw off a potential attacker. They allow
enterprises to better detect attacks with a higher level of confidence in
events detected. Currently, deception technology spans multiple layers within
the stack, including endpoint, network, application and data (Panetta. July 5, 2017,
Para. 4).


7.0  ICT


In recent
years the company practice automation. 
And they use claim officer specialist in their operations.  These people monitors all their technology in
the business process.   So far, there has
been no major or minor issues has been record. 
They use clouds software as a service most of the time. 


They conduct
trainings for the employees specially if there are updates in their
technologies.  More prominently, whenever
there are new employees a rigid training for the software and hardware are
conducted.  Since the software are
exclusive for certain task of the company, intensive trainings are indeed


organization monitors the employee’s usage. 
Reports are being held whenever a certain employees are using the Wi-Fi
on some sites like Facebook, twitter, or other sites that is not related to the
company’s activity.  They block this site
and the users cannot continue the browsing.



are being exercise by using Skype for business transactions. Instead of meeting
with the clients which will require travelling, it saves resources like
gasoline, time and financial aid. 
Desktop sharing is another way of sustainability approach that saves
electricity.  Chat and calls, are being
norm avoiding face to face meetings.



I strongly recommend that they continue to use
their current Information technology. I believe that the technology that they
are using are beneficial to their everyday process.


The use of technology of this organization
enhance data management system and process. 
Using ICT the organization can swiftly respond to customer’s needs, with
the use of latest technology.  It
substantially decrease the amount of paper dealings with policies and
proposals.  It can also decrease travel
cost and paper handling.  Automation increases
income by expediting process.   It also
allows the customers’ easy access to complete process of application, proposals,
quotes sign in policies without going to the agency office itself.


The organization ICT allows carrier to review
a potential clients driving records digitally in a secured database.  Accounting is integrated to policy management
system.  It automatically produces
debit/credit notes, cover notes, renewal notice, statements and reminders etc.


The only thing I could recommend is to update
their system in a regular basis.




An interactive website is widely used
by this organization.  Wherein, the
customer can access the services and products. 
You can make inquiries or lodging of claims.  Entering of personal data. And received
notifications.  These make it easy and
convenient for the customer.  This
technology is available outside business hours, making it accessible, which
contributes in maximizing profits or the company.


Some issues that the organization encounter
with regards to its website was the downtime of service provider.  These make the system un-accessible.  This contributes to the customer’s
frustration at times.




The use of the websites attributes to
the company’s’ sustainability approach. 
It narrows down the physical interaction.  Furthermore, the use of email and online
transactions decrease the consumption of paper as part of sustainability.



The organizations pursuit for a stunning
website is a milestone to give outstanding services to their clients.  Building a new website is important in
today’s digital communication world.


I would recommend that the organization to
take some time to assess the process below assure the delivery worthy website
to their customer.


Building a new website accomplishes
the following key goals for agencies:

Credibility: People expect the organization they deal with
to have a website that adapts to mobile as well as a desktop computer.

Facilitates Local
Creating a proper website making it easier for your prospective clients to
find you over your competition.

Helps Your Firm Get
Found via Indexing: Websites with proper on-page optimization
will be properly indexed by Google, this will increment chances on on-line




The considerable popularity of mobile
applications has not been dis regarded by the company.  Mobile applications are being hosted by the
company.  This is to cope up with the latest
trends in mobile app. Aside from website, business transactions are done thru
mobile app.  It tremendously augment the
comfort of doing business.


 Ecommerce are being done by the marketing its
marketing team.  Here, the clients can do
online transaction thru an interactive website. 
Special technology are also being for financial department.  Payment online, financial inquiries and
status are profoundly used.  The managers
were issued laptops and mobile phones to monitor day to day operations.  Employee are obliges to finger scan before
and after the shift to record the time in and time out.


Another distinctive technology that they use
is the calendar for works.  Particularly
it manages meetings of the employee, and schedule for different business
proceedings.  Since it’s a service
oriented business, a lot of daily errands are done by meetings personally or
thru phone or video calling.  It is
essentially to be constantly updated of the different appointments so the
specialist wouldn’t miss any customer. 
This apps is very collective it posted notifications from clients and
the company itself.


To control the quality of work, application
software are being used to records the customer and the specialist phone
transactions done in the office.   This
is to ensure that the right work ethic and conduct are being implemented.  The company adheres to the best customer
service and highest standard of work performance should only be given to the






is the most dominating technology among others, because it can decrease risks
by reducing cost, augment productivity and boost customer experience. Mobile
technology has an enormous impact on any organization by attracting new


is highly recommended that this organization continue its mobile service
because it plays a vital role to organizations productivity and efficiency.

Below are
some advantages having mobile technology.

1. Acquiring Customer organization

has increased. Adopting mobile technology is more convenient and cost
effective. Using mobile app technology, the organization can easily reach out
to their tech-savvy customers.

2. Customer Service and Retention

look for services which take with efficiency and less time to process.
Resulting in acquiring more ROI from the targeted market.

3. Simplifying and Expediting the
Claims Process

app is extremely useful, when it comes to claims. It is capable of, making the process
hassle free, capturing and transferring data quickly. Customers can make
claims, which eliminate all the time-consuming fuss associated with manual form

 (Xcube LABS. Jul 14 2016, para 4).


 10.0 WEB


The apparent
influence of social media has not been neglected by this organization.  The immense impact of this platform has been
given significant attention and understanding. 
The company is associating to different social media application like Facebook,
twitter, link-in etc.  They support and
sponsor actual events on social media like fun run, tree planting, gift giving,
that’s is being promoted thru this application. 
They find it very relevant and indeed effective for networking and to
find potential clients in the future.


The company
is using an application to monitor social media post.  They track post by anyone so they can address
it properly.  Especially if it would
convey negative reviews and impression that might deem detrimental to the
company’s reputation. 


Upgrades are
regularly done to keep up times.  So far,
there has been no issue on social media that has been reported.



It is highly recommended that the organization
should continue their mobile technology. 
It is efficient and very well handed by the company.  Therefore nothing should be change, only
upgrades are necessary in regular basis.


On the other hand, as far as they recognize
that social media helps this organization on its branding.  They are also cognizant of the adverse effect
it can cause to the company in different circumstances. Information can easily
be disseminated; whether it’s positive or negative.  With this regard. However, they keep track on
some posting restrictions, specifically their employees.


With this regards I would to recommend some of
the free to latest tools that the company can use to monitor social postings,
and these are;

1) Hootsuite

is one of the best free social media listening tools available and covers
multiple social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,
WordPress, Foursquare and Google+. It is well known for its social media
management functions.


2) TweetReach

is a great monitoring tool for your business if you’re interested in checking
how far your Tweets travel. TweetReach measures the actual impact and
implications of social media discussions.

3) Buzzsumo

is a great tool for content research, but it also has an excellent way to
analyze and monitor your Facebook pages. Along with metrics around each
individual post, more interestingly is the ability to see what content performs
best (Mindruta, Oct. 25, 2017, para. 5).


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