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2017 Legislative Update

Bill #

Title and Summary


SB17- 60

Colorado Student Leaders Institute Relocation To Colorado Department Of Higher Education

The Colorado student leaders institute currently exists as a pilot program in the lieutenant governor's office. The bill relocates the institute to the department of higher education without making any substantive changes to the program

Signed by the Governor

SB17- 68

School Counselors Early Support For Students

This bill expands the list of public schools eligible to receive a grant through the behavioral health care professional matching grant program.

Passed out of the Senate, and is on its way to third reading in the House


9th And 10th-grade Assessments In Public Schools

The bill provides the greatest amount of flexibility possible under federal law to local education providers in selecting and administering state assessments. The bill requires each local education provider to review with each student and his or her parent the results of the ninth-grade and tenth-grade assessments and the eleventh-grade exam and the effect the results may have on the student's individual career and academic plan.



Postponed indefinitely in the Senate Committee on Education


Registration of Home Inspectors

Requires home inspectors to be registered with the department of regulatory agencies (DORA) and provides for penalties associated with acts of unlawful home inspection.


Passed out of the Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs and postponed indefinitely in the Senate Committee on Finance


Sunset Health Service Corps Advisory Council

The bill continues the Colorado Health Service Corps Advisory Council indefinitely. The council reviews applications and makes recommendations for participation in the Colorado health service corps program, which awards educational loan repayment to medical professionals who agree to provide primary health services in federally designated health professional shortage areas in Colorado.

Passed the House Health, Insurance, & Environment Committee and referred to the House Appropriations Committee


Continue Motorcycle Operator Safety Training Program

The bill continues the motorcycle operator safety training program for 3 years, until 2020. The bill also transfers the program from the office of transportation safety in the department of transportation to the office of the chief of the state patrol in the department of public safety, effective January 1, 2018. 

Introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Appropriations


Pilot Project Seaplanes Land In State Parks

Current state park law excludes seaplanes from the definition of a 'vessel', and applicable park rules essentially prohibit seaplanes from landing in or taking off from state park water bodies. The bill creates a pilot project to allow amphibious seaplanes to land in at least 2 state parks after the seaplanes have been inspected for and decontaminated of aquatic nuisance species. The parks and wildlife commission may adopt rules to implement the pilot program.


Introduced into the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy


Prohibit Carrier From Requiring Alternative Drug

The bill prohibits a carrier from requiring a covered person to undergo step therapy when being treated for a chronic condition; or If the covered person has tried a step-therapy-required drug under a health benefit plan and the drug was discontinued by the manufacturer.


Passed the Senate on third reading and introduced into the House Committee on Health, Insurance, and Environment


Division Of Youth Corrections Monetary Incentives Award Program

This bill authorizes the Division of Youth Corrections to establish, at its discretion, a youth corrections monetary incentives award program.

Signed by the House and the Senate and is on the Governor’s desk


Modify Definition Of Commercial Vehicle

This bill increases the minimum weight for classification as a commercial vehicle subject to the statutory and regulatory standards for commercial vehicles from 10,001 pounds to 16,001 pounds unless the vehicle is registered for use in interstate commerce.



Signed by the Governor


Hearings On Transportation Commission Districts

This bill requires the transportation legislation review committee to meet 5 times before Nov. 15, 2017, once in each geographic quadrant of the state to study changes to the state’s transportation districts and offer members of the public to express their concerns

Introduced into the House Appropriations Committee


Autocycle Characteristics and Safety Requirements

This bill amends the definition of ‘autocycle’ to specify that it is a three-wheeled motorcycle that does not use handlebars. It also defines that an autocycle is a motorcycle.

Signed by the Governor


Community-Military Cooperation

This bill creates partnerships between military installations and their host communities in the state with regard to the shared-service opportunities that can cut costs and increase efficiencies in providing governmental services. 


Signed by the Governor


Jurisdiction Juvenile Court Parental Responsibilities

The bill allows the juvenile court to take jurisdiction involving a juvenile in a juvenile delinquency case and subsequently enter orders addressing parental responsibilities and parenting time and child support matters


Referred to the Senate Committee of the Whole for second reading


Creation Of A Sister-state Relationship Program

The bill requires the Colorado office of economic development to establish and maintain an international sister-state relationship program.


Postponed Indefinitely by the Senate Committee on State, Veterans, and Military Affairs


Required State Assessment For Ninth-grade Students

 The bill repeals the requirement to administer the state assessment to ninth-grade students. Instead, local education providers must administer a state-selected ninth-grade assessment that is aligned with the ninth-grade content standards and the assessment administered to tenth-grade students.

Referred to the Senate Committee on Appropriations


Workers' Compensation For Mental Impairment

The bill adds the definitions 'psychologically traumatic event' and 'serious bodily injury' to the workers' compensation statutes for the purposes of clarifying a worker's right to compensation for any claim of mental impairment.


Passed the House on third reading


Colorado Secure Savings Plan

The bill establishes the Colorado secure savings plan (plan), which is a retirement savings plan for private-sector employees in the form of an automatic enrollment payroll deduction individual retirement account.

Employers with a specified number of employees in the state are required to participate in the plan, but any employer may choose to participate in the plan.



Introduced into the House Committee on Business Affairs and Labor


Local Government Officials On Nonprofit Boards

The bill specifies that it is neither a conflict of interest nor a breach of fiduciary duty or the public trust for a local government official to serve on the board of directors of a nonprofit entity.


Introduced into the House Committee on Local Government