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Aurora lawmaker’s bill could change high school testing
January 18, 2017
Senator Todd is proposing legislation that will give more options to school districts in administering standardized tests
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One size does not fit all for education
January 11, 2017
Education laws that are specific to school districts are more valuable and effective in shaping young minds
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TeachStrong Campaign Pushes For More Diversity
May 24, 2016
Education leaders continue to push for higher quality public education in Colorado. The TeachStrong campaign discussed recruiting diverse teacher candidates at the state Capitol on Tuesday.
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Legislative session ends on hopeful note for rural schools
May 11, 2016
Bills intended to help ease rural teacher shortages and generate more money for fixing and building schools won approval on the legislative session’s final day... “I’m really proud of the bill,” said sponsor Sen. Nancy Todd, D-Aurora. While acknowledging the bill is a small step, she said, “Hopefully it will be beneficial to rural areas.”
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An Education... in Financial Literacy
January 28, 2016
When they enter adulthood, our students will be facing an increasingly complex economy and financial system. Not all of them have access to the home educational resources they would need to learn how to navigate these challenges. That’s not right.
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Aurora's state lawmakers eye health, education as top legislative priorities for 2016
December 23, 2015
“My hope is that we can come back and concentrate on the things the majority of the public is concerned with and address that rather than getting distracted with how deep can we dig our heels in to just have a lot of rhetoric going on,” said State Sen. Nancy Todd, D-Aurora.
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Legislators to try again on chain, snow tire bill
November 10, 2015
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Here she is, Sen. Nancy Todd, running for her final Senate term
June 15, 2015
Sen. Nancy Todd announces her campaign for her final term in the State Senate
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Providing Veterans with Opportunity Through Education
April 13, 2015
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Testing Reform Remains In A Holding Pattern At The Legislature
March 25, 2015
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